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Get around town with Lyft....And No Smartphone or App?

Old Payphone

Ready, set, go! You have a mere 240 seconds to gobble up every word of this scrumptious delight.

Picture this: you're stranded in the middle of nowhere and your feet are begging for a break. Enter Lyft, the ride-sharing superhero that's been zooming all around the US and Canada since 2012! With millions of riders hopping on board every day, it's no surprise that Lyft is one of the biggest ridesharing companies in the world! With just a tap on their app, you'll have access to a whole squad of friendly, vetted drivers nearby - ready to whisk you away to your destination. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride, all without breaking the bank!

How Lyft Works:

To use Lyft, users must first download the Lyft app and create an account. Once they have created an account, users can enter their destination and request a ride. Lyft will then match the user with a nearby driver. Once the driver has accepted the ride, the user can track their progress in the app.

Lyft offers a variety of ride options, including standard rides, shared rides, and Lyft XL. Lyft also offers a number of safety features, such as in-app emergency calling and a ride-tracking feature.

There are many benefits to using Lyft, including:

  • Convenience: Lyft is a convenient way to get around without having to own a car.

  • Affordability: Lyft is an affordable way to get around, especially when compared to the cost of taxis.

  • Safety: Lyft has a number of safety features in place to protect its users.

  • Environmentally friendly: Lyft is a more environmentally friendly way to get around than driving your own car.

Hold the phone – or in this case, don't hold the phone! What's the deal with getting a Lyft ride without a smartphone app?

A growing number of Gen Z and Millennial cell phone users in the U.S. are trading in their smartphones for....... Dumb Phones (A.K.A. Basic Phones or Feature Phones). A recent study from highlighted the fact that 56.9% of respondents felt addicted to their smartphone. As a geriatric Millennial myself, I can say from personal experience how strange it feels to be addicted and dependent on a technological device. Making that realization opened up a mental health journey that I didn’t know I needed. With an influx of MarTech companies during the pandemic, it is easy for brands to send email and sms texts every day. As we scroll through our messages, we then interact with the brand by either going on their website or their social media, or their app. Then the scrolling addiction starts. It’s a deep and dark rabbit hole that is insanely tough to get out of because of our dependence.

TikTok is taking the lead in the social media world by fighting back against screen addiction. Some groups are calling attention to the negative impact smartphones have on our lives and TikTok is stepping up to make a change. The study raised some eyebrows when the authors admitted not knowing why smartphone use was down in 2022. However, with the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and the Metaverse, it's hard to ignore the impact they've had on our mental health. Ironically, these platforms are the ones that stoked the fire and profited from the fallout.

24/7 access to work emails is causing havoc on our white-collar warriors' stress levels. Even Elon Musk admitted that his previous sleep routine was frying his brain, and now he's upped his snooze time to a whole 6 hours! It seems like it's not just us mere mortals struggling to catch some Z's. Both former Presidents Obama and Trump barely got 4-6 hours sleep due to their high-pressure jobs, even firing off emails in the wee hours. How do you tell your boss you need to hit the hay when they're following the sleep habits of the rich and famous? FYI Sleep Experts still recommend a healthy 8 hours of sleep for Adults and Kids.

Fast forward to 2023 and 2024 and the light-bulb moment has finally arrived for many Americans - smartphones are not exactly our brains' BFFs. Kiddo-friendly phones are popping up on the market, and parents are over the moon about it! If we grown-ups are struggling with dopamine levels and attention span, how can our little ones cope? Attention and focus are at the top of parents' worry-lists, especially when it comes to ADHD. We need to get to the bottom of the mental mayhem computer screens are causing in our kids' brains. In our home, our mini humans bounce between video games, TV, phones, and back again. The pandemic gave tech a starring role in kids' lives, offering a virtual escape to connect with friends and keep up with school. It also gave busy parents a tiny bit of breathing space.

Tremp is leading the way as a rideshare company that taps into the power of the Lyft platform to connect non smartphone users with a rideshare. You can call or text their phone number and their dispatch team is available 24/7, so no matter the time, as long as you are in an area that provides Lyft Service, your basic phone will get you access to where you need to go. Whether it is a doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, or you just want to explore your city, Tremp makes it easy and stressfree. Tremp allows us to channel our inner 90's self and break free from addictive smartphones. No longer will there be anxiety from not having all of the apps. No longer will there be stress figuring out how to get to the airport.

Behold, a new sorcery arises in the realm of ride-sharing! Tremp, a company that harnesses the Lyft platform, spreads its wings to aid those bereft of smartphones. Without the need for apps, Tremp dials back the clock, allowing you to call or text their dispatch team, which is accessible 24/7. In the glittering expanse of Lyft's domain, Tremp ushers you to your destination with ease and tranquility. No longer shall the absence of apps cause bewilderment, nor shall traveling to the airport trigger stress. From the mundane errands

to the grand adventures, Tremp unlocks the power of your basic phone, making transportation a breeze. And because Tremp uses the Lyft platform (instead of their own drivers), the drivers have been background checked by Lyft.


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