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No Smartphone. No App.

Book a safe, comfortable ride anytime, with Uber or Lyft, without a smartphone or app.

Enter your phone number and get $10 off your rides*

Thank you!


You must order a ride thru Tremp within 30 days of submitting your phone number. 
By providing your mobile number, you agree to receive text messages from Tremp.

Msg & data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel. Customer Service: 732-479-7080. 


Our Services 


Tremp ride sharing service sets up rides with real rideshare drivers from Uber and Lyft for users without the app or a smartphone, which means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting a ride with someone whose only goal is to get you from A to B and back. Simply text or call.

And because our service can be done without a smartphone, never having to access the Uber app or Lyft app, it’s especially great for adults looking to run errands, get a ride to a doctor’s appointment, or are no longer driving on their own.

We know not everyone is super tech savvy or has a phone capable of getting everything set up which is why you can call Tremp directly and we’ll help get it done for you. Simply give us a call at 732-479-7080 and we’ll set up your account, teach you how to utilize our services, and get you started right away.


Tremp is the only fully automated platform for ride sharing that does not require a Smartphone or App. No need to wait on hold for an operator to order your ride.

Why pay monthly and pre minute fees for each ride when you can book one on your own with Tremp.

Why Ride with Us?

Ready, set, go in just a few quick taps with Tremp

No matter your destination, we’ll get you where you want to go

Get a reliable ride in minutes

Schedule your ride in advance

Save your favorite locations

Get Text message updates on the status of your ride.

Why Choose Us

No Apps required 

No Smartphone required 

No Waiting on hold for an operator

No Monthly or per minute ride fees.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can Tremp support my travel needs?
    We make traveling via rideshares quick and easy without requiring a smartphone or even a rideshare app. By setting up an account with us you simply text or call for a ride, we’ll tell you the price, and you decide if you want the ride. Quick and easy.
  • How hard is it to get started using Tremp?
    We’ve made it extremely easy; especially for those who aren’t technologically inclined. Call 732-479-7080 in the US & Canada, 07723-465-000 in the United Kingdom, 046-026-0500 in Belgium, and 052-577-9040 in Israel to get help registering your account and then provide a debit or credit card to keep on file. You’ll be ready to ride in less than 2 minutes!
  • Once my account is started how to I request a ride?
    You start by texting the word Ride to one of our US or international dedicated phone numbers, or call and press 2 to book a ride with our virtual phone agent. Our ride share service will give you a quote based on time and distance. Once you confirm the ride we’ll put a hold on your card for the full amount until the ride share partner is dispatched and completes the ride.
  • How does do pick-ups and drop-offs work?
    You’ll receive a text or call with the estimated arrival time as well as the description of the car and driver. The driver will also receive your name and mobile number so they can contact you just to ensure they’re picking you up at the right location.
  • What is the current fee for Tremp ride shares?
    Tremp currently charges 10 percent above the ride share with a $2 minimum. For example, if a rideshare costs $10 the overall Tremp fee will add $2 and make the ride $12. On a ride of $25 a 10% Tremp fee would make the overall cost $27.77. The Tremp fee is subject to change. There no setup or monthly fees.
  • What markets does Tremp currently serve?
    With Tremp you can order rides anywhere in the world that there is Lyft or Uber. You can access Tremp with the following Numbers: Canada - United States - 732-479-7080 Belgium - 046-026-0500 Israel - 052-577-9040 United Kingdom on 07723-465-000 The fare/fee currency is based on where the ride took place. We have plans for expansion in the future, so please keep us in mind if you plan on international travel.

More than a billion people across the world still don’t rely on a fancy new smartphone, which means they’re missing out on a lot of the benefits of ridesharing. And while many apps and services require a smartphone to access their best features—especially rideshare services—Tremp ride sharing makes it easy to request an official ride with a just a text or our virtual phone agent.


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